Footage Of Officer Assaulting A Mother After Pulling Her Over Twice Leaked

Trooper Isiah Lloyd has been accused of groping a Campbell County mother during a traffic stop. Knox News has the story:



THP dashcam video shows two traffic stops made by trooper Isaiah Lloyd, who is accused of groping a Campbell County mother during a traffic stop and pulling her over again three hours later. Tennessee Highway Patrol. A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper insisted he was following his agency’s rulebook when he put his fingers inside the low-waisted shorts of a Campbell County mother and claimed he had no memory of his conversation with her in a second stop three hours later near her home, records show.

USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee this week obtained, under the state’s open records act, records in THP’s investigative file on State Trooper Isaiah Lloyd. Lloyd, 25, is being sued for violating the rights of 29-year-old single mother, Patricia Aileen Wilson, when he twice stopped her within three hours in August 2017. In the first stop, he put his fingers inside her shorts in a search a prosecutor has labeled legally suspect. In the second, Wilson says he told her, ‘We have to stop meeting like this.’

Lloyd’s personnel file shows he has been disciplined three times since the Wilson traffic stops, with each drawing an oral warning. USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee is awaiting records requested on those disciplinary investigations. Within days of a USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee story on the Wilson lawsuit – THP’s first notice of a problem with Lloyd – the agency cleared Lloyd of criminal wrongdoing, forwarded the case for review by 8th Judicial District Attorney General Jared Effler and launched a review of his traffic stop procedures.

Effler has since deemed constitutionally unsound Lloyd’s actions in ordering Wilson out of her truck, searching inside her shorts and conducting field sobriety tests without probable cause. He dismissed a seat-belt ticket Lloyd issued Wilson. He recommended THP retrain Lloyd. USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee this week received a sizable chunk of the records sought on Lloyd, including the agency’s investigative file on the Wilson case. Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security staff attorney Kyle Turner is working to provide remaining documents on Lloyd’s disciplinary history.

The records show THP ultimately opted to issue Lloyd an oral warning for his handling of the Wilson traffic stops. Commanders wrote they found no proof Lloyd intended to sexually harass or molest Wilson but faulted his judgment and procedures. Sgt. Bobby Smith was tasked with interviewing Lloyd. A transcript shows Lloyd insisted he was doing what he was trained to do when he put his hand inside Wilson’s shorts. THP commanders who trained him told supervisors he was mistaken. “(Sgt. Steve Sakarapanee) stated Trooper Lloyd was not taught to check the inside of a suspect’s waistband as part of a pat down,” Sgt. Shannon Brinkley wrote in a report.

The transcript shows Lloyd admitted he saw no signs of intoxication that would have justified ordering Wilson out of the vehicle. But he repeatedly insisted Wilson told him she took Ambien, a sleep medication, the transcript and Brinkley’s report showed. “She admitted taking, she did not seem to be impaired beyond the legal limit but she did admit to taking Ambien on a regular basis,” Lloyd told Smith. Lloyd’s dash cam footage belies that claim. When Lloyd asked Wilson if she had taken prescription drugs, she responded, “No drugs, no alcohol.”

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