Tourist family beaten unconscious and curb stomped by Thailand Police

The British grandparents savagely beaten by a gang of drunken Thai thugs were set upon after their son spilled one of their drinks. Rose Owen and her businessman husband Lewis – pictured here for the first time – were celebrating his 68th birthday with their son, also called Lewis, 43, when they were set upon by the gang. Lewis, who had recently joined his parents in the country from his home in Singapore, apparently enraged the men – who were already brawling with each other.



after knocking into them on the crowded street and knocking their drink. The horror of what happened next was caught on CCTV, the unadulterated violence shocking people in Britain and across Thailand. First, the men pushed Lewis to the ground, while his mother, 68, tries to reason with them – and then escape the escalating violence. In the next moment, one of the men walks up to her, punching her so hard in the face the Welsh grandmother is sent flying to the floor, knocked unconscious. As she lies unmoving on the ground, her husband and son are subjected to a barrage of punches and kicks.

Mrs Owen then comes around and props herself up, at which point her callous assailant walks over and kicks her so hard in the face her head snaps back, out cold once more. By the time the men had finished their vicious attack, which happened at around 2am on Wednesday in the popular tourist resort of Hua Hin, all three Owens were lying on the floor. The crowd which had stood by and watched the brutal beatings only daring to step forward once they were sure the gang had left. It is believed Mrs Owen is still in hospital, recovering from the savage assault which left her with serious eye and head injuries, according to the police.

In the leafy village of Wenvoe, five miles outside of Cardiff, neighbours are still in shock after seeing the footage of their friends being so horrifically attacked. Dave Cannon, chairman of the village hall committee, a long-time friend who has been to Thailand with the couple, told MailOnline: ‘I’ve been in touch with Lew by text after seeing the pictures of the attack. ‘It was a hell of a shock to hear what happened to them.’ Friends revealed the couple had visited Thailand almost every year since falling in love with the country in the 80s. And they are always in Thailand for the Songkran festival – which falls the same day as Mr Owen’s birthday. ‘They always go to the festival, it is a part of their holiday,’ Mr Cannon, 71, told MailOnline. It is a family joke – Lew reckons the whole of Thailand is celebrating his birthday that day. Mr Cannon has visited Thailand with the couple and was last in the country with them in 2007, from which he has a souvenir plate in his hallway with a picture of himself and Mr Owen taken as they were sitting in a boat on the way to the Floating Market near Bangkok. He said: ‘They love it out there. They used to travel around Vietnam Laos and Cambodia but they always return to Thailand, it’s their favourite place.

‘They go sightseeing and have made lots of friends over there. ‘Their Thai friends bake a cake every year for Lew’s birthday.’ Retired long distance lorry driver Mr Cannon lives half a mile from the Owens, added: ‘They are lovely people, we’ve been friends for years. ‘Their two children grew up here – everyone in the village knows them.’ Neighbours said they were due to return home next Tuesday but are now trying to get an earlier flight. John Miles, who lives opposite, said: ‘We heard about the attack and then bumped into their daughter in the village and she said it was Lewis and Rose.

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